Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Food Delivery

We spotted a little while ago that Cold Storage had a Christmas Food Catalogue.  In the UK i'd get stuff from Marks & Spencer, but although they have shops here, they don't offer any sort of Christmas food service.  So we started looking through the CS catalogues and picked a deal that looked good to us.
We were able to pick a package of three meats that we wanted, but you could pick turkey or a ham or beef on its own.  It seemed to us a good idea to pick one of each and put things we didn't want in the freezer.
We could pick a time we wanted the delivery for free and then also pay then too.  With our package we got a cool bag for free too, so with those 'savings' we picked out a yule log too. 
 Let me tell you...it was like Christmas unwrapping that giant chocolate cake, I didn't want to package it all up again.
 Just look at how very cute it is, and I'm surprised it didn't get squished in transit.  It was very good packing. 
 Look at that face, she knows it's going to be a good year when you unwrap a cool box like this. 
A fully cooked turkey that just needs heated up, a fully cooked (not processed) ham and beef with black pepper sauce.
I always over cater...I can't help it.  I'm used to people popping in or having lots of visitors.
It all looks so good, these pictures don't really show how yummy it all looked.  We didn't NEED these things to be cooked, but I think because regular Singaporean kitchens aren't too big it works out really well for the majority of people to have things pre-cooked.  It means that tomorrow we can cut what we like and put it in a shallow dish with lots of gravy and no stress. 
It also means that we can now head out to catch Disneys Frozen.  I am really missing not going to the Pantomime with my family on Christmas Eve this year so Mark is taking me out to a Wintery Disney film to make up for the brave faces I've been putting on.
We should have time to get some pizza first too.  Not quite the full Christmas dinner I would normally have whilst overlooking Union Terrace Gardens, but our new tradition all the same.  We are here.  This is our home and I am so thankful that we've got each other on this adventure.
Daisy says "Merry Christmas to all!"  Whats that Daisy.....?  
"This one is mine....ok?", Ok Daisy, if you say so...