Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Whilst Mark has been really busy organising things for the move, i.e. the actual move and how it will be choreographed, I’ve been really busy organising a list of things I want to do in Singapore when we finally get there.  (I’ve got priorities too you know…)  Having went to library school I am an avid reader and a supporter of libraries in general and public ones specifically.  I have ordered up every book in the system on Malaysia, Asia and Singapore.  I want to know about the cultures and religions in Asia, places to visit, the history and pretty much anything else I can find.  I have a list of places I want to visit from local parks and architecture to trips we can seemingly easily make to further away destinations.
I’ve also been reading up on the area we’ll be living in, and trying to find out more about that.  It’s in an area that has lots of educational establishments and which I think might keep me a bit connected with home seeing as from the ages of 4 to 24 I was in education and then worked in public libraries attached to schools afterwards.  I always make resolutions for the New Year in September and not January as I’m so used to new beginnings in autumn.  So being the true geek that I am I have been trying to find out about our new neighbourhood so we can ‘hit the ground running’ and not feel out of place for too long. 
I found out that someone holds a tour in it which is quite exciting and makes me really hope it’s nice, although I don’t think it’s a real ‘black and white’ like they say in the tour.  I kind of get the impression someone has just taken some black paint to a nice house!  However, it is still a really nice house and I love that our new home is connected to nature and I get to have a garden.  I also found a blog that mentioned walking routes in the area and so will try to have a walk when I am more used to the heat.  We don’t have a pool like Marks colleague does, but Mark has been looking up how easy it will be to build one when we’re out there.  For something we will use every single day I don’t think it will be that expensive.
I’m quite glad that we aren’t having to pick a place to live ourselves as we had originally thought.  It seemed to get quite stressful and was a lot of pressure to choose a home for the next two years from the other side of the world.  All decisions are being taken out of our hands and we can focus on getting ourselves (and belongings) over in one piece.