Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Time will tell

Hello, Hello, Sheila here I thought I would actually do a post instead of lurking around just reading lots of Singapore blogs and letting Mark do all the writing.  I have been extremely touched by some kind emails I have received whenever I have commented on peoples blogs.  I have been given lots of advice, or more links to help us and offers of trips and tours so that I can start to find my way even though I’m far from family.
I thought I would list out some things I am excited about and worried about in the hope that all of the exciting things don’t disappoint and all of the things that cause concern turn out to be irrational…here goes:
Things I am worried about:
1.    I really hope that I can start to meet people and form friendships, as I have a really good circle of friends here in Scotland.
2.    I’m freaking out in case I ‘get’ culture shock and end up quite irrational.  This post from The Expat Bostonians explains and I don’t want to  look back at this amazing opportunity and remember being cross and unhappy.
3.    Our little dog Daisy who I really hope doesn’t get too upset on the move.
Our little cottage
Things I am excited about:
1.    The opportunity to travel to amazing destinations we would never have visited from Scotland.  I can’t wait to take full advantage of the airport and ferry links.
2.    Living in the biggest house I’ve ever stayed in.
3.    Being in  a big city.
4.    Being able to save more money for wherever we eventually buy a home of our own.

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