Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reality Bites.......

Sheila and I are now only 5 weeks and 3 days from "D Day". On all the moves we have done there has been loads of stress and issue but this time we are calm and appear organised. The movers and storers have been and now provided quotes which my company are reviewing but in essence our packing will start in two weeks!
The stuff we have going with us to Singapore will be packed and the shipping process should be underway by first week of October. The stuff for storage will either be packed at the same time or within days of the international shipping stuff. This does mean that me, Sheila and Daisy will be homeless! The house will be empty! We were looking at serviced apartments in case we need to stay there for 2 / 3 weeks while we get ready to head away. This will be interesting and will provide us with a really nice interim period before going away. I'm sure as this  progresses we'll provide updates and maybe a few piccys of where we are!