Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Taking Daisy (The Westie) to Singapore

I am coming....right?
When we were told that we were going to be relocating we didn't think for a minute that Daisy would be too much of an issue. In all honesty she isn't a problem but it is costly taking your dog with you!

We had to seek three independent quotes for having Daisy shipped to Singapore. Two of these were UK based and one was a US based Pet Relocator with an agent in the UK.

The prices have ranged from £2500 to £1800. The services offered for this price have varied greatly. We were warned from the off that at the Singapore end its better to have an agent to work through the paperwork and bring your beloved pet to your home. Two of the quotes we have included this service. We discoverer that if you pay for this separately then its around $600.

We are going to appoint the Relocation service that is based in Scotland, they also have some great references and by sheer luck were the cheapest quote.

They are going to complete all the DEFRA paperwork, this takes around three weeks to complete.

Will keep you all posted on our progress with this, after all its probably our most precious little cargo!