Wednesday, 18 September 2013

To Maid or Not To Maid, that is the question........

The subject of having a maid has been discussed recently with my employer, this is generally because I get an allowance to cover some of this expense.

Sheila and I are fairly private and there is really only the two of us and our little pooch Daisy. Just what would or could a Maid do for us when we move to Singapore? I know that is very common place to have a maid but we have never had this in our lives before and it seems a little odd.

I have also been told about "part ownership", this is where allegedly you agree a share of a maid and the maid then splits time between two or more houses?? I'm really not sure how this would work in practice.

Anyhow, as we progress we will no doubt update to what our position is or is about to become!

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