Wednesday, 26 February 2014

First Visitors Arriving

Today i have been running around like a woman possessed.  We have our first visitors, my Mum and Grama, coming later this evening.  Mark is currently in kl and i know that i am fussing over every little detail.  The beds are perfectly made, the rooms have flowers in them and not the slightest hint of dust through-out and i have scrubbed every square inch of floor.
The thing i am most worried about is that Mark is coming back with only an hour to spare before their flight lands...this, by the way, is a guess as the flight details and number my Mum gave me are totally false.  i have no idea what information she has copied down, but it sure isn't the flight details....ok, and breathe!
Well, thats my tea break over with, i had better get back to cleaning.  Hopefully more pleasant posts to follow or i may just run away!