Thursday, 20 February 2014

Crane Dance at Sentosa

One day I walked over to Sentosa via The Board Walk (which only costs $1) and saw the weirdest metal looking structure with a seating arrangement facing it.  From the seats I could see that people would look at this and then beyond to Vivo City.  Fast forward to the evening and all becomes apparent. 
Source and Sentosa Information
Thursdays to Mondays (as well as public holidays) from 9 pm the structures rise to become two cranes.  The blue and pink cranes fall in love to light shone into the spraying water with music playing in the background.  They get bigger and bigger (or raise higher and higher), until you see the screens on their chests showing more of the story. 
 When we have visitors I plan on taking them to see this after getting a bite to eat at Vivo City.  I think it would be a nice way to end an evening as it would also be a good way to let food rest as everything here is delicious and it’s very easy to overeat!