Friday, 7 February 2014

First Three Months-Top Three Pictures

Hooray, we've made it.  We've been here three months and I'm not planning on running away.  Some days I feel like we're still on holiday, but mostly this feels like home.  During December I started to make a concious effort to say 'home' for when we were heading back to the house and the UK for Aberdeen and where my family lives.  Now it comes naturally and some days it feels weird to think, "wow, my home is a big city."  Part of this is because I'm such a homebody and although I dreamt of moving away I never ever pictured a move to Asia, but another part of it is because I associated myself as being so Scottish or so British, or even as a country girl from rural Aberdeenshire.
So, in honour of this three month benchmark I am going to pick three top things for blog posts this week.  
This week are my Top Three Pictures:
This picture is from Spuds and Aprons on top of Mount Faber, it was the first day we did anything touristy and was the perfect way to finish off a perfect day.  It was also the weekend before I really felt things change for the better here and although being a History student makes it really difficult for you to pick and choose dates that show change I pick this one.  I began to love Singapore after this weekend and Mark taking me out and showing me lots of things I could love made me feel so at home here.

This picture is from when our good friends Hanna and Ishak came to Singapore and showed us around.  Getting a tour from someone who knew Singers was great and it was the first time we'd visited the Arab Quarter.  That night we also got a tour of Boat Quay and Clark Quay during one of the quietest nights around, I'm not kidding, it was so quiet from all of the party revellers outdoing themselves over Hogmanay, that by the time we got here the next day it was super calm.  This was the best way to see these new areas and it felt like being taken on a private tour.
The last picture is the iconic Marina Bay Sands.  After Sally and Tcina took me down here for the first time I was so in love with it at pedestrian level I took Mark back the very next weekend.  This was what I saw everytime I googled the new city I was going to.  Every time I told someone I was moving away they knew this image and so when we saw it we really felt like we WERE here.  Not just on some little trip, but we had really made it across the oceans to a whole new country.

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