Friday, 21 February 2014

Satay by the Bay

Mark and Rob have had a visit all this week from their UK boss who has come over to check out all of the work they've been doing in this new venture.  He took his wife and son with him who have been having a grand time while he's been toiling away in the office (see Mark, I do see that you work super hard, I am listening!)
As well as this they've also had a visit from another UK based colleague and so last night we all decided to go out and get something to eat.  Rob suggested Satay by the Bay which is the hawker at Gardens by the Bay.  You get to it by heading for the furthest away car park at the Gardens or generally walking until you just about reach the Barrage at the sea front.  
It was super busy and we decided to get a platter full of satays to start with.  Seeing as I'm not really a fish or pork fan I chatted away to Oliver who was the son of the visiting boss.  He was so adorable and was happy to tell me all of the fun things he's seen whilst here.  I was actually getting some really good tips on what to do and where to visit when Mark said that everyone was finishing up and heading off in their different directions to pick their main course.  We were sitting quite near an Indian stand so I had no difficulty choosing what I wanted to eat now that I could freely pick.
Mark and I got a sharing platter for just the two of us which had a great selection of tandoori and butter chicken as well as rice and naan breads.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was so yummy.
When we were all done we headed back to the car park and taxi rank and everyone split up again.  This was my first trip down to Gardens by the Bay and it is so pretty I know I am going to come back again quickly.  It was so inexpensive for being in such a pretty area.  Although you couldn't see the Sands I am planning on taking visitors down here to grab something to eat before either watching the super-tree grove do its show or the laser show from the back of the Sands.  Visitors-you WILL be taken here!