Saturday, 10 August 2013

Expat Singapore Website & Forum

I've obviously looked all over the web for sources of information that will enable us to move smoothly. These sources cover everything from packing, moving, accommodation, getting our dog moved, lifestyle and lots of other things.

In the main most sites are really good BUT beware the Expat Singapore site (I'll provide a link at the end of the entry) 

The site generally is really good, lots of useful and helpful information cover lots and lots of topics. Where this site lets itself down is the forums and messaging boards. When I first got told we were moving I put a post on the messaging board asking for information about getting our dog into Singapore. I received one or two helpful comments, the other dozen or so were people picking up my spelling, grammar and one even suggested that I was a White master coming to tame the locals!

I have probably posted about a dozen or so comments on that site all with very mixed responses. I did get involved in a little war of words and was told "we are lifelong expats and are fed up of newbies coming on to this site asking the same questions over and over, we are tired of people like you thinking you are special. Why don't you try Google for your questions"

Nice comment and very friendly and welcoming! There are a few good people on the site but just be wary that there are trolls and spammers on the site as well!

Expats Singapore Site......

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