Saturday, 24 August 2013

A little info about our proposed living area

We’ve been trying to find out as much about our new area as possible now that we finally know where we are moving to.  Apparently it is an ex-military area and was the residence for Non Commissioned Officers and Officers.  Our new home will be the biggest we have ever stayed in and looks really pretty from the outside.  We can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas time.

“Dover is a relatively small neighbourhood of Singapore, located in Queenstown. It is south of Ghim Moh and north of Kent Ridge. It is often a noted location due to the sheer number of educational facilities it holds, while lying in a zone between Singapore's central business district in the Central Area and her industrial zone in the vicinity of Jurong. The general geographical area is classified under the Queenstown Planning Area by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and is a few kilometres away from Queenstown itself.

The Dover neighbourhood was formerly a British military and residential area. Hence, many road names in the area are derived from English (specifically Kentish) place names. For example, those in Medway Park off Dover Road include names associated with the southern coastal areas of England, including Folkestone and Maidstone, apart from Dover itself. The name "Dover" is from the Celtic word meaning "The Waters", alluding to the English Channel. Medway Park, for instance, is named after the River Medway, which marks the middle of Kent. Interestingly, Kent is the nearest English county to Singapore.”

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