Wednesday, 31 July 2013

What District do we stay in when we move?????

I suppose when we were told I was moving to Singapore everything was very exciting but now we are looking at where we are going to stay. Singapore unlike the area we stay in currently is broken into districts. These districts are housed within 5 regions (South West, North West, Central, North East and South East)Click the link to see exactly where these districts are. Remember Singapore is quite small, 25Km x 49Km so the districts are all very close to one another.

  Singapore Districts

We started by looking in District 10 as this is where the British High Commission is located (my office) however, it would seem we can get much more for our money by looking out with the expensive Districts of 9,10 & 11. Sheila really likes the idea of being on the East coast areas as there are great sea views and a bit of a breeze! We are continuing our search concentrating on the districts, we will then see what type of apartments are available to us.