Friday, 26 July 2013

What can Daisy Dog do in Singapore.....?

If like us, you have a little doggie and you are wondering what there is in Singapore then look no further! Sheila has been busy researching what and where there is for Daisy. Singapore appears to be very tolerant in regards to dogs. There are some issues with the larger breed but I'll post links about that later on. However, they love little dogs, fluffy dogs, girly dogs and in fact anything little and cuddly!!

Daisy in her Tutu on her 6th Birthday

The following links are just some of the place we have found :

Ginny Grooming & Daycare Service

Hotdog Spa, Grooming & Daycare Centre

Urban Pooch, Spa, Cafe, Grooming and Daycare

If you just want to find some dog friendly areas to have a walk click the following link :

Dog Friendly Places Singapore