Thursday, 25 July 2013

How helpful are the Expat boards?

Howdy everyone, I'm sure like us you have scoured the web looking for as much information as possible about your potential move to Singapore.

The Blogs we have found are invaluable sources of practical information. The people that write these blogs are also willing to offer advice and suggestions when prompted.

However, in our experience the same cant be said for the "expat boards". It probably really unfair to tar everyone with the same brush as there have been a "few" helpful posts. In the main however the boards are perused by trolls out to pick up on your spelling, punctuation or anything else that takes their fancy. I have made a number of posts asking what I believe to be salient question only to be told to go google it or find the information myself! The replies vary from helpful (occasionally) to downright rude, aggressive or just plain unhelpful. 

My advice, stick to the bloggers, they are a way better class of respondent to any of your questions and queries!!