Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bukit Brown Cemetery

Yesterday Tcina and I decided to forego our usual Thursday walk in favour of a Tuesday one mainly because of flights. Like I've said before, it is impossible to pin someone down at this time of year, and we've both got trips to the UK booked.
Tcina is a much better planner than me, so when she suggested a walk around Bukit Brown Cemetery I instantly jumped on board.  The cemetery is currently being dug up and bodies exhumed to make way for a larger road.  You can find out more about the cemetery here.  I hadn't read about it before going, but now wish I did as I would have understood the burn marks on the ground (where people would burn 'money' as a sign of respect or looked out for specific plots,) this is somewhere I think Mark would love to come with the good camera too.
Tcina suggested taking Monty, a dog she helps keep an eye on, and I jumped at the chance to go on a proper walk with a bigger dog. I love my Daisy dog, but she would not be able to cope with any of our walks and I just couldn't take her (serious Pet Mummy guilt). Tcina found a taxi that would take a dog and we set out, unfortunately I forgot Lornie Road can be terrible in rush hour so we wasted some time waiting about to get turned into Kheam Hock Road.
Once we arrived we walked past the construction works and along the road without looking at any maps, being hemmed in by busy roads on all sides makes you reckless like that! We walked back and forth and occasionally wondered into a dead end road, but we kept moving for 2 hours and didn't get bored. Whilst out the heavens opened and I got caught in yet another downpour, but at least it kept cool and there was no thunder or lightening.  The only other people was a couple we kept passing as we criss crossed our way around the place and three horses and 2 riders taking a leisurely stroll.
I'm so glad I got to see this before it was lost forever, as a westerner I'm so used to regimented straight lines in a grave yard and so to see memorials placed in no particular order (to my untrained eye) within a jungle setting was so interesting to me.
When the time came to get a taxi home we all looked down at our muddy feet/paws (yeah, I'm pretty sure Monty looked with shame at his sodden paws) and prayed we'd have a kindly  Uncle. Well the first one wasn't, though we never got to give him sad puppy dog/please take us home eyes as he said we were a no show aka he saw as and kept driving! The second guy must have been in a good mood as we took us all to our respective homes where as soon as I got in I dived in a warm bath.
The tolerance I have for the cold i.e. the temperature drop to 26 with a slight breeze fills me with fear for the upcoming UK trip. Keep me in your thoughts!

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