Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New Newbies

Sally was the first person to take me out when I was brand new to Singapore so it should be no shock at all that she spotted a new person that nobody knew of.  With our liaison officer on holiday we had no idea that another family had moved in.  Sally happened to be out and about when she saw Christine and invited her out from there.  When Sally caught me walking Daisy after book club the other night she invited me out so I could say hello too.  
Christine and her husband had arrived in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, but because they didn't have a car or a freight delivered yet there home continued to be unassuming so nobody popped round.  When we did meet up I jumped right into expat overdrive, which is known to anybody else as totally overstepping the mark, and started to plan other meet ups.  The only going which saved a Christine from being whisked away then and there is the fact she's having a little one.
I can't wait to try and get to know another new person, I'm sure she'll naturally move into a new Mummy group (although she's more than welcome to come walking too), but in those first couple of months I hope I can be a friendly face.  
Sally put on a perfect spread (seriously she was made to be a perfect housewife whereas I muddle around the house never finishing any jobs). There was home made yogurt and fresh fruit all cut up perfectly, it made me think that choosing to spend the last two days sunbathing and reading all day was not a good idea.
Hmmm, best get started on those welcome cookies, I do always need a few batches to perfect it.